Getting down with the No Brexit kids!

Getting down with the No Brexit kids!

The New European Letters

February 15th -21st

Dear Sir,

There is a real opportunity offered by the fact that the much followed rapper Not3s is opposed to Brexit, but doesn’t know what to do about it (‘Young want to stop Brexit..we can help them’ The New European February 8th-14th).

Were he and like minded musicians to join up with the young Remainers of ‘Our Future Our Choice’ they could put pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to campaign to ‘Remain’ and support a second referendum.

To ensure this approach gets maximum coverage in mainstream and social media these young activists should replace the feel good, but directionless, chant of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ with ‘No Brexit,.Jeremy Corbyn’.

Yours faithfully,

Colin Hines

This last sentence was cut:

T shirts with #No Brexit Jeremy Corbyn could then dominate every Labour gathering.

For more detail behind the thinking of this letter see yesterday’s blog:


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