‘#No Brexit Jeremy Corbyn’: saving the UK economy and getting Labour elected’



Colin Hines – ‘#No Brexit Jeremy Corbyn’: saving the UK economy and getting Labour elected’

February 14, 2018

A different Remain. Colin Hines is one of the few trying to promote remain, while correcting the failed policies that resulted in Brexit. The question is if the Tories and the EU are seeking an amicable solution or trying to secure their own power?

 We at Brave New Europe don’t take a position on Brexit. While we recognise that many dark and odious forces lay behind the Brexit vote, and that the process will inflict significant economic damage on many people, we also know that European institutions and policies typically reflect a strong neoliberal slant – and we launched this project to oppose and change this.  We have sympathy with the anger against European institutions – but we also believe in the principle of European cross-border co-operation and co-ordination in many areas.  Reflecting this complex reality, we will host both pro-Brexit and pro-Remain articles.


2018 is the year to campaign for halting Brexit, since unless adequately challenged, Tory infighting and disarray could mean that next year the UK is dragged out of the EU on the worst possible terms. And what role is Labour playing during all this destructive mayhem? Why babbling impotently that a ‘jobs rich Continue reading

Brave New Europe covers Reversing Brexit with a ‘Treaty of Home’


 Colin Hines – Reversing Brexit with a ‘Treaty of Home’

Brave New Europe September 21, 2017



In the Brexit debate opponents to Britain leaving the EU are seeking solutions to create an improved and updated European Union addressing the problems that have not only caused Brexit, but much disillusionment within the EU – one in which even the principle of freedom of movement would be modified. Colin Hines offers a solution and a new EU Treaty, the ‘Treaty of Home’ Continue reading