Progressive Protectionism book review

@GreenRupertRead review of @HinesColin‘s new book (it’s only a fiver – well worth it), in the latest issue of RESURGENCE AND ECOLOGIST May/June 2017

Protecting the local, globally

Rupert Read reviews Colin Hines’s ebook, Progressive Protectionism

[Park House Press, 2017; ISBN 978-0-9544751-2-3]

Colin Hines is best known as convenor of the ‘Green New Deal’ group that influenced many governments to seize the financial crisis moment to transition economies in a greenish direction. His new book is a feisty clarion call to greens and ‘the Left’ to change direction: away from acquiescence in the trade treaties which shaped the deregulated world that spawned the financial crisis — and toward protection of nature, workers, localities and national sovereignty, as the key locale where democracy might resist rootless international capital. Continue reading