A new chant for Corbyn’s pro-Europe supporters: “No Brexit … Jer-em-y Cooorbyn”.


Guardian Letters

Monday 24 July 2017

• The EU itself is under enormous internal pressure to renounce neoliberalism, as anti-austerity sentiment grows across the continent, along with the questioning of the free flow of people. Such shifts could make a call for managed migration within the EU more plausible, hence addressing the major reason for Brexit. “Remain and reform” would keep us part of a continent powerful enough to stand up to international capital, compared to a Brexit Britain, battered and bullied into submission by such forces.

The parliamentary recess offers Labour an opportunity to slough off its “socialism in one country” Brexit fantasy. To expedite this when Jeremy Corbyn tours the 100 most marginal Tory-held seats (Big majority of Labour members want UK to stay in single market, 18 July), he should be greeted by a new advisory chant from his pro-Europe young followers of “No Brexit … Jer-em-y Cooorbyn”.
Colin Hines
East Twickenham, Middlesex

For the kind of Reformed Europe we should be campaigning for see:

Reversing Brexit with a Treaty of ‘Home’ Europewide. March 25 Sixtieth Anniversary of Treaty of Rome TIME FOR CHANGE https://shar.es/1USYma 


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